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Our priorities

  • IT Infrastructure for Your Data Center
  • Support Throughout Europe Data Security
  • IT Management & Services Throughout Europe
  • Copper, Fiber, Lwl and more
  • 24/7/365 Retail IT Support
  • Business Continuity for Branch Networks Throughout Europe and the World
  • IT Services & Retail Solutions
  • Wireless Solution


Nationwide execution, short response times, pan-European support, IT infrastructure for cloud services, CAD, riser / IDF infrastructure, data cabinets & racks, copper and fiber network infrastructure, security systems, WAN, W-LAN, DAS, DECT, communication systems, Layer 1 network system , Wireless & Wired Networks, Structured Cabling, CCTV, Fusion Splicing, Ribbon Splicing, Smart Hands, Copper, Fiber, Data Center Fitouts, Racking, Stacking, Decomissioning, Fiber Guide, Fiberrunner, Cable Route

Data Center

IT Infrastructure for Your Data Center
  • New data center builds, maintenance & extension services for regional and global customers
  • Provision of IT infrastructure for cloud services
  • Implementing European, International & U.S. standards
  • Specialization on energy savings & high availability
Support Throughout Europe Data Security
  • Quick reaction times, European coverage and emergency monitoring
  • Rapid realization of projects
  • Covering 24/7/365 demands
Exceptional Quality
  • Direct Labor with relevant qualification breadth
  • Internal Training and Certification programs

IT Infrastructure

IT Management & Services Throughout Europe
  • Industry leading “on time” reaction times
  • Single point of contact – centralized Service management
  • Holistic Design solutions for low build times and zero interruptions during implementations: extensions, additions & upgrades
  • Comprehensive support range for passive and active networks
  • Decades of experience in building IT infrastructure
Copper, Fiber, Lwl and more
  • Copper, Fiber & Wireless network infrastructure
  • Carrier and Communication systems implementation
  • Access control and Security systems
  • CAD planning and intelligent documentation
  • Internal Quality Management

Retail Service

24/7/365 Retail IT Support
  • 4 hour/24 hour response times for minimizing down times
  • Multi-site technology deployments
Business Continuity for Branch Networks Throughout Europe and the World
  • Providing full coverage throughout Europe and the globe with our proven network of trusted partners
  • New store openings, remodels & relocations
  • Deployment of network technologies, refresh and migrations
  • Roll out projects: planning/management/execution
IT Services & Retail Solutions
  • Site assessments & design, audits and budgeting
  • Consistent quality, availability and budgeting
  • Direct Labor – well trained and qualified it-service technicians and engineers
  • Centralized cost management
Wireless Solution
  • Site survey solution for mapping and planning your WiFi deployment
  • WLAN Access Points Installation
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Wtec Acts as an Extension of Your IT Team

  • to deliver repeatable, scalable, consistent and high quality services
  • with an extensive array of technology needs, no matter what, when or where it is required

Global Reach

  • Centralized project management
  • Consistent logistics
  • Minimized administrative impact
  • Projectable & dependable costs/budgets


Dragan Orsolic

Executive Manager

Drazen Vukman

Head of Department
Data Center Projects

Jakob Pflügel

Head of Department
IT Infrastructure




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